The Shoe Factory, Rushden

The Shoe Factory, 23b Fitzwilliam Street, Rushden, NN10 9YW

The Shoe Factory venue is home to Jazz School UK.  Owned by jazz musicians Nick Weldon and Andra Sparks it's our lovely Rusden venue.

Nick and Andra are renowned jazz musicians who live and work here running jazz workshops for all abilities throughout the year for musicians and singers alike. In between all the music we run 6 Mat classes a week here on Monday and Thursday evenings and Tuesday mornings. We have all the equipment required for mat classes only.


The Shoe Factory is tucked away behind a row of terraced houses, between No. 21 and No. 23. No parking is available here so you should use the FREE Duck Street car park (highlighted on the map here).  
Once parked come up Fitzwilliam Street on the same side as Bantins the Tailors shop and look for the driveway between No. 21 and 23.  Walk down to the end where you can see the red bricked building that is the Shoe Factory.  If the door is locked ring the bell for Pilates and we will come and let you in. 

Stephen Irvine