If you have never done Pilates before please go to our Beginners page for all the details on our Introduction sessions and our upcoming course dates. If you have done Pilates before check our timetable and email us about availability.

Pilates Mat Work

Mat classes are the place to come when you really want to hone your Pilates skills. Take an hour to unwind, pull your mind out of work and just open up your body. Our teachers will guide you into correct alignment, we will release those desk-hunched muscles and mobilise all your joints. Check out Karen's blog on movement too and see how you do!

  • Start to correct poor posture habits and learn better healthier movement patterns

  • Improve core strength, stability and flexibility

  • Connect mind and body as you learn to control and isolate movement and focus on efficient breathing

  • Each exercise can be modified up or down, depending on ability and your desire for a challenge

Our Mat Classes

Core Pilates  - For anyone who's done Pilates before, here you will develop your Pilates skills  and focus on the main mat work repertoire. The lessons are balanced and effective total body workouts, with particular emphasis on your core control.

Dynamic Pilates - A more flowing class for those with good core control who want to move into more advanced exercises.  Your core stability and coordination will be challenged much more vigorously.


Take a break!

After a day hunched over desks, steering wheels or tools, take an hour from the strains that life puts into your body.


Healthier bodies for longer

Regular pilates can improve the longevity of your joints. Whether still working or retired, make sure your body doesn’t give in before you do.


Gentle and controlled exercise

Recent surgery or in pain? Our classes are the perfect exercise environment. Gently strengthen and reduce pain with help from highly qualified teachers.

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Pilates Mat Class Costs

All Classes are £11 an hour as standard for members and run in 6-7 week terms.

You cannot refund individual classes but you can swap them in advance using the swopboard.

Membership is paid via monthly direct debit. across our yearly 39 weeks of classes the £35.75 pcm divides into £11 per week. Just 30 days notice required to cancel and you must pay for all classes attended. Membership also gives you access to online video tutorials and Swopboard where you can exchange classes you plan to miss. (Member benefits)* go to members area, which will have a brief bullet point list of benefits, shop board, no need to rebook, tutorial videos.

I really enjoy the pilates classes. I can really feel the benefit, since starting, my posture and back are so much better! Great classes, can only recommend them :-)”
— Carolin