Get Reformed In One Hour

The Reformer uses springs to provide variable resistance to assist and challenge the body. It is suitable for every level of ability, springs can assist those who need more support as well as resist those who want a challenge.  

  • longer leaner muscles rather than bulk

  • Improved flexibility and postural correction

  • Gain core strength and target your pelvic floor. Great for postnatal!

  • Stand taller, sit straighter and move with better balance, coordination and body awareness.

  • All the benefits of Pilates but with faster results


Strengthen & Lengthen

Exercise for all abilities

Pilates reformers are so versatile we can modify each exercise to suit fitness and ability.  For example, during arm exercises we will keep beginners seated and stable, so they just tone and strengthen their arms. For those who are stronger with good core control, we can have them kneeling on the moving carriage and suddenly, that arm workout has a balance dimension which will challenge their core muscles and their coordination. 


Sweat calories without sacrificing style

Our Reformer Classes

(Max 8 people per class)

Group Reformer Class - Reformers are variable exercise machines, your sessions may include stationary mat work then, in moments, you can be on the moving carriage exercising against spring resistance and challenging your stability. This is your class if you have big ambitions, there's no upper limit to what you can work on. But equally it is the class for those who need the most support to exercise. 
If you are new to us you will need to create an account on our Northants Pilates Team Up site first.

Search through the calendar, select the class you want and if there is space, book away!

  • Buy the appropriate Class Pack to confirm your space, all offerings are paid at time of booking

  • Reformer/Equipment classes for Beginners choose only Monday 12 noon, Thursday 12 Noon, and Friday 11am or Saturday 11.15am Friday 12 Noon is not suitable for beginners.

  • All Classes - Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice  or no shows will not receive a refund.   Group Reformer Classes, Core Jump and Thirty 30  Classes, you can cancel without charge up to 24 hours prior to scheduled session time and rebook another class. Depending on price either rebook with the same term (£15) or carry over to the following term (£18). 

    PLEASE NOTE - we only have daytime sessions, no Group Reformer classes run in the evenings.  Sorry. 


Adaptable to everyone


Uniquely challenging



All sessions last 1hr

£18 per class booked on one off basis

£15 per class for a full term booking typically 6 or 7 weeks.

Group Reformer - Monday 12 noon, Thursday 12.00, Friday 11am and 12 noon, Saturdays 11.15am

All classes paid at time of booking. Cancellations and refund available up to 24 prior to the class.

I find the Pilates classes incredibly helpful for my long term low back pain. The classes are delivered in a cheerful manner by Karen. It is great that there is tolerance of the fact that not all of us will become perfect exponents of Pilates!
— Nick Reed