Exchange Classes

The Swop Board is for our regular Mat clients to exchange classes they can not make it to. If you know you're going to be busy for a future class, or maybe you have  horrendous flu and might not make it next week then offer up your space for someone else. Once you've offered one space you can take one other slot from another time or venue. Money isn't wasted and ultimately we can continue to keep class numbers low and maintain our exceptional teaching standards.

Swop Board Rules

#1 You MUST post a swop to be able to take one
#2 You can only swop in the current term. 
#3 You cannot use it to make up a class you have missed at the last minute, especially if you haven't posted it!
#4 You cannot carry over swops to the following term.



How to use the Swap Board

Your password is in your class confirmation email from when you first signed up to class

Step 1. Use the drop down menu to post the date, day, venue and class level or your class. then enter your name; click on Offer Swop.

Step 2. Scroll down and look at all the other classes that have been posted by others. You can do any venue.

Step 3. Once you've found one that's good and the right level! for you, pop your name on the post and the class is yours. It changes from Green to Yellow, so no one else can take it.


We keep the numbers small so we can be hands on with you. We see the same group each week so we get to know you and know what you need.  We don't run drop in classes for these reasons.  

BE REALISTIC PLEASE...we can't run small classes unless you all pay regardless of your attendance.  We have the swop board in place so you can post dates and come to  classes that others have posted. You don't get that opportunity with adult education classes. 

We want to give you the best experience we can and teach you how to exercise effectively with highly qualified and motivated teachers who work hard to make sure you have the right exercise prescription for your needs within a small class.  

If you book our classes we assume that you have read the terms and conditions, its on all the emails to confirm spaces in classes and in the end of term letters.  If you don't agree with them don't book classes with us.  

We have made this as clear as we can so there is absolutely no misunderstanding for anyone coming to class.  You may think its a little blunt but we would rather be straightforward about it than dress it up in flowery language and vagueness. 

Its a business - a small and local business that has been running now since 1997.   I am proud to be heading it with a fantastic team of teachers who work hard with everyone of you to provide the best we can, teaching you how to exercise effectively.  Like you, we have all the usual bills to pay.  Your term fees pay our wages and the rent, the equipment and all the other expenses involved in running any business. 

We love it.. we hope you do to.

Karen Grinter
Studio Director.

Can I have a refund as I didn't make all the classes this term?

No. To contact us at the end of a term to say you haven't been and expect a refund is a mite unreasonable. There is a slight possibility that someone could have taken your space and then yes,  we might  have been able to offer a refund or a part refund, but its rare to be able to do that.

I can't make all the classes next term but  I don't want to lose my place, can I just  pay for the ones I can make?

We do understand that you won't want to pay for a term if you are going to miss more than one or two.  But the answer will always be no.  Our T&C clearly state to keep your space in any class we must have payment in full for the term.   If you decide to relinquish your place it will be filled by someone else

Can I return to the same class if I miss a term?

If you have let your space go and someone takes your place, they then have the right to stay in that class if they choose to the following term.  We could no more ask them to vacate the space for you to return any more than we would ask you to vacate the space for them!  We will of course advise you of all the spaces available when you want to return, you might get lucky and be able to return to your previous class but be prepared to accept a space in another class and go on the waiting list for the preferred class. We will move you back as soon as we can.

Why can't you just keep my space for me?

Expecting us to keep a space empty for you to return is plainly daft.  That's like asking a physio or a hairdresser or a beautician to keep a space free at the same time every week for no payment but keeping it free in case you feel like having a treatment or a hair cut at that time.