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Studio Director

Body Control Pilates® Stott Pilates ®.

She started teaching in Northamptonshire in 1997, and in 1998, she was approached  by Kirk Russell, who went on to be England Cricket Lead Physiotherapist.  Kirk asked Karen to work with Northants County Cricket players. Before long, she had set up the Pilates Studio based at the County Cricket Ground on  Abington Avenue, as well as The Shoe Factory in Rushden and then in 2013 she started classes at the  Chris Moody Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Moulton.

Body Control Pilates® Stott Pilates ®.
Karen is qualified as a REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor in Pilates, and she is also a REPS Level 4 specialist instructor in Low Back Pain and Bone Health qualified.

Karen was part of the teacher training program for Body Control Pilates®, the best known training provider for Pilates teachers in the UK for 21 years and continues to develop as a teacher and practitioner of Pilates.

She also runs workshops for Health Professionals and teachers who wish to gain further knowledge in Pilates techniques as well as heading up the Pilates Studio at Northants Cricket and the Pilates Studio at Moulton Chris Moody Centre with her team of dedicated instructors.

Alongside running three venues, Karen is also available for corporate bookings and conferences, team building seminars, and bringing Pilates into the workplace for office workers, sales teams etc., in a creative and fun environment, Karen teaches you awareness techniques that can be used to improve posture, reduce back problems also neck and shoulder issues.  Click here for more information and testimonials from previous events.

Karen has clients spanning all age groups and ability levels, from professional cricketers, footballers and rugby players to ballet dancers and gymnasts, to people looking for alternative fitness options and to referrals from GPs, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. The Pilates Method supports and challenges everyone from injured to athlete.

Karen has built a reputation for herself and her team amongst many professional Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and GPs. The Northants Pilates team can deal with an array of specialist problems from ankylosing spondylitis, tennis elbow, hypermobility, shoulder problems, snapping hips to total hip replacements.

Karen teaches matwork and studio work to a wide variety of loyal clients, giving them a structured and encouraging environment in which to learn and endeavouring to always give them instructions with the appropriate focus - to relax, energise, concentrate or just work hard.

Northants Pilates is the only place to go if you want to better your performance as an athlete, to strengthen you body for pre or post rehabilitation, to correct posture problems if you sit at a desk all day, or for a workout with a difference.

We are passionate about teaching Pilates, as the benefits are amazing, you have to commit to Pilates to see and feel the difference.

Available for Pilates Mat, Reformer, Studio Equipment at Northampton Studio.
Email: karen@northantspilates.com


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