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My speed and power in playing football have returned to an unbelievable level and my recovery after playing is quick.

A good few years ago and prior to attending Pilates (to be honest I'd never heard of it before) I sustained an ankle injury playing basketball. Naively I never anticipated the impact that this would have on other areas of my body (legs, hips, back, shoulders etc...), the best way to describe it was stiffness and discomfort all over my body. Everything I tried never seemed to work effectively and I was getting worse and I was at a lost and confused as to why my own recovery was slow with lots of setbacks.

I remember my thinking at the time was that I would never get back to a stage where I would be just as fast, as powerful and as technical in playing the sports that I loved like football and basketball. Between having regular sports massages and attending Pilates classes it has enabled me to overcome my injury and related stiffness and discomfort in other areas of my body to the extent that I am now pain free before, during and after football.

My speed and power in playing football have returned to an unbelievable level and my recovery after playing is quick. I also started attending the gym in May, something I definitely would not have been able to do before. I've learnt so much from both Caroline and Dorte (including key stretches and useful pieces of equipment to use) which have now become part of my weekly routine.

So please pass on my thanks to them, I think they are both fantastic at what they do and well respected by the class! I've got to say I am surprised why more men have not taken up the classes, hopefully this will change as I think men are missing a trick here!  BH.

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Mr Nick Birch


Consultant Spinal Surgeon East Midlands Spine Ltd

"In my spinal practice, Pilates has become an essential tool in the fight against back pain. People who experience back problems are highly likely to get better, frequently with a course of physiotherapy concentrating on the Core Muscles that support the bones and discs of the spine. 

What happens though when physio has finished and the pain has gone on this occasion? How can a person prevent further attacks of pain? The answer: Pilates. A  work-out once a week to keep the Core Muscles in good shape that can help to prevent the recurrence of disabling back pain and spasm.

Karen Grinter and her team of instructors at Northants Pilates have worked with me to help hundreds of patients over the last decade to keep their backs fit and prevent the misery of acute back pain and spasm.

I now consider Clinical Pilates to be an extension of physiotherapy in keeping spinal pain at bay. The Level 4 Training course that Karen and her team have all taken (which I have taught on) has equipped them to handle even the most difficult clinical spinal problems with sensitivity and understanding so that everyone I refer to them will be able to achieve the maximum potential benefit that their spine allows as long as the exercise regime is followed.

Pilates in my practice is mainstream and Northants Pilates is a first class outfit that I wholeheartedly endorse."

Mr Nick Birch, MBBS FRCS (Orth)
Consultant Spinal Surgeon
Honorary Treasurer of the United Kingdom Spine Societies Board

The most important thing to say is that having started Pilates I have not been back to see a physio about back pain, the exercises have built up my core strength and my posture is now better. The second thing is that, classes with Karen are great fun
— Ian H
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Chris Heywood

BSc Hons MSc MCSP (HPC reg) 
Clinical Researcher and Specialist Spinal Physiotherapist

''Exercise is a vital, non-invasive, combatant in the long term fight against low back pain and figures highly in my own practice. When my acute input is no longer required, for many, this is not the end of treatment, merely the end of one phase and the start of the next.

I have used Karen and her team of Pilates instructors for the last decade to deliver this continuity of care to many of my clients, entrusting them to build and expand upon my own core beliefs and approaches. Not only do I recommend their skill but where appropriate, encourage my clients to pursue it..."

Chris Heywood, BSc Hons MSc MCSP (HPC reg) 
Clinical Researcher and Specialist Spinal Physiotherapist
Team Rehab

Alistair Jepson.jpg

Mr Alistair Jepson

MB ChB FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I  have no hesitation in recommending Karen and her colleagues to my patients, as Pilates really can aid recovery from many of the operations I undertake,  most specifically those involving the shoulder where restoration of correct spinal alignment, posture and core strength are all  vital to good shoulder function. Karen and her colleagues are all very hands on in their approach; something I have experienced first hand, having myself attended many classes with my wife."

Mr Alistair Jepson MB ChB FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

I find the Pilates classes incredibly helpful for my long term low back pain. The classes are delivered in a cheerful manner by Karen. It is great that there is tolerance of the fact that not all of us will become perfect exponents of Pilates!
— Nick Reed
Andy Roberts.jpg

Andy Roberts


The Physical Therapy Clinic

"I have known Karen for many years and worked with her professionally, when I was the physiotherapist at Northampton County Cricket Club and also within my Private Practice, The Physical Therapy Clinic. 

I have also found Karen to be very personable, professional and pays attention to detail, therefore I have always been very happy to refer clients through to her for continued rehabilitation, specifically regarding strengthening work and core stability through the Lumbar spine and Pelvis.

I wouldn’t hesitate to continue to refer people through to Karen, as I feel that the service she provides is to a very high level."

Andy Roberts, BSc Hons MSCP
The Physical Therapy Clinic

I really enjoy the pilates classes. I can really feel the benefit, since starting, my posture and back are so much better! Great classes, can only recommend them :-)
— Carolin

As an academic of a certain age I lead quite a sedentary life, but still imagine that when I demand it my body will spring into sporting action!  Pilates has been just wonderful in keeping me mobile and flexible enough to keep playing sport and I can't believe how little back pain I have had since taking the classes.  I would recommend pilates to anyone:  the classes are fun and informative and I always come away from them feeling relaxed yet energised.

I joined Karen's class just over a year ago and have not looked back.  She is a bubbly, professional instructor who has great underpinning knowledge of her subject and the understanding as to how each individual person in the class can gain the most benefit from her tuition.  The sessions always fly pass, are fun and varied and at the same time she creates a friendly, special atmosphere amongst the class.  From my own experience I cannot believe she does it just for the money as she falls over backwards to help and is so approachable. Karen has made such a big difference to my well-being both mentally and physically and I get withdrawal symptoms if I can't attend her weekly class!" 

Well all that is left to say Karen, is thank you so much and all the above is true!  See you Tuesday.
Tricia H

 The high spot of our week! For several years I have done 2 classes a week and wish I could do Pilates every morning.  Even my husband has succumbed to Pilates!
— Jackie

I've popped along to the Rushden pilates class for the last few  years and boy has it made a difference. Like most people who are fortunate to reach middle age, I've got a few aches and pains- I couldn't lie on my left shoulder and frequently went for treatment on my lower back and neck before attending Pilates class. 

Pilates has changed all that for me. My posture has improved big time and most of my aches and pains are distant memories. Thank you.   

Pilates with Karen and now Paula, it is just the best!  Fun and enjoyable, Northants Pilates  provides small classes and expert tuition which together have helped to keep me fit and supple as I enter my sixties and lessen the effects of the lower back pain I tend to experience when gardening etc.

Thanks to Karen and Paula I am now much more aware of posture and movement and try to incorporate Pilates into my everyday fitness regime. 

You're only as young as your spine will allow you to be.........keep old age at bay (bone by bone)..............Pilates is for life! With much appreciation


I have been going to Northants Pilates  for many, many years now - far before it became trendy and celebrity-led! Whilst I thankfully haven't got any back problems, I feel that pilates helps me to avoid stiffening and tense joints. Moreover the class is great fun - we often end up corpsing in a fit of giggles - and so good for mind and body.  It helps to keep me supple, aids my posture and strengthens my core muscles.  It is an oasis in a busy week. See you Wednesday  

One Sunday in November 1997 I read an article in the Sunday Times extolling the virtues of Pilates - it sounded just what I had been looking for - emphasis on core stability, low impact, strength etc., and perfect for helping with lower back pain.

The following day I called the number given in the article.  I was asked "did I know Rushden".  This was the  beginning of my friendship with Karen and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was Karen's first client and am still attending classes.  Any person who questions the benefits of Pilates please read on,

I had breast cancer and had also as a result of surgery lost lymph glands.  At the time I met Karen I couldn't raise my left arm above shoulder level.  My left arm now has exactly the same flexibility as my right.  Core strengthening from Pilates has also radically reduced my lower back pain.  Just two examples of how Karen and Pilates have, without doubt, improved my quality of life.  Be aware there are no quick fixes but if you are prepared to listen and work you'll never regret it.

Karen is as mad as a box of frogs and her mantras are now part of folk lore viz, after giving instructions says emphatically, "got that, good!"

Karen is a brilliant teacher and friend and over the years I’ve watched her help so many people “above and beyond” the role of teacher/client. I’m really glad to give this testimonial and can only close it by saying I’d never give up Pilates nor would I ever want to be without Karen.”
— Marion J

"Having been a farm worker since the age of 18yrs old, and a regular horse rider for nearly forty years, my lower spine caused terrible pain.  I had become a regular user of Osteopaths and any other form of remedial massage, cheaper the better! Tried evening yoga classes, couldn't bend so most positions were near impossible. 

Have now done pilates for a year, learnt how to release the tension in between my shoulder blades when sitting at a desk and have an ambition of actually sitting cross legged without pain and it is becoming easier.

The classes are just as informative as fun and if I miss any my back soon “tells” me, I even go during the summer holidays! One’s first experience of a class is not comfortable but it gets easier if continued on a regular basis. Must not be put off by the slim and "bendy” people in some classes, I am “The Plank!”
46 yr old farmer’s wife