Private tuition is available to anyone and gives you a superb tailored Pilates experience. It's perfect for anyone who needs or wants a unique training programme, if you require rehabilitation for example or, have a very focused sporting ambition. We also use 1 to 1's for a speedy introduction to Pilates, particularly if you can't make it to our Introduction Classes.

You're free to choose just mat exercises or combine with any studio equipment. However, you can just describe your hopes and goals and our teachers can design everything to suit.


Private tuition is only available  at our Northampton Studio  during the daytime, outside of our regular evening schedule. 1 to 1's are also subject to the teacher's availability. 

Only select members of our team is available for private tuition. Have a look on our Team Page, you can explore our individual teaching backgrounds to find the perfect teacher for you.


Your personal playground

You get to choose exactly what you work with. All of our studio equipment is at your disposal, from wobble boards to Pilates cadillac.


Target Injuries or weakness

Have a frustrating, limiting injury? You can have a program focussed on strengthening and supporting injured muscles or joints


Pilates on Overdrive

With your teachers complete focus, you will learn your perfect alignment and master movement faster than in a regular class.

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All Sessions last 1 hour

Regular 1 to 1 - £45

2 to 1 - £55 - 36% off

3 to 1 - £65 - 48% off

4 or more people? please ask, small Groups can be arranged at times that work around our classes.

All bookings must be paid for in advance. Cancellations and refund available up to 24 prior to the class.

The most important thing to say is that having started Pilates I have not been back to see a physio about back pain, the exercises have built up my core strength and my posture is now better. The second thing is that, classes with Karen are great fun
— Ian H