Health at Every Size – start a new resolution now.

We are coming up to a busy time of year, particularly for working mums. Sorry guys, I am not deliberately being awkward here but I know from my own experience and from many of my clients that working mums have a lot on their shoulders.

Sometimes we put far too much pressure on ourselves and a guy would approach things very differently and maybe some stuff just wouldn’t get done- is that the end of the world? No of course not.

But all the running around trying to wear so many hats leaves us stressed to the eyeballs and vulnerable to poor decision making, which has a huge knock on effect on our health and well being and putting us at the back of the queue when really we should be at the front.

As a busy Pilates teacher with over 400 clients in class each week it’s a constant juggling act to ensure that everything is running smoothly and sometimes I miss something. In the effort of starting a new business whilst still also staying on top of this one, I’ve dropped a few balls which has not pleased me at all.

Eating in car as I drive from one teaching session to the next one, not a great idea. Not having time for my own workout because I’ve just remembered an email that needed sending yesterday and there was another really good reason for not having a workout the day before and the one before that!

Before you know it, the constant drip drip drip of your adrenal glands shoving hormones into your system coupled with the weight of expectation – mostly your own – really messes up your health.

Stress is a great way to gain weight and the older we get the harder it is to shift it.

Don't wait for the New Year 

So instead of running on empty in the run up to Christmas, start to take a few steps now before you totally burn out. Will it really be the end of the world if you don’t get the house looking like a interiors magazine shoot or Christmas lunch is not the full spread?

Take the pressure off right now, avoid the mindset that you will change it all in the new year and use that as an excuse to continue to pour alcohol and crappy food into your body that just sends your mind crazy and stops you relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Accept for many of us that being heavier than we used to be at 21 etc is actually healthier than constantly putting off taking control because we are too busy and we don’t have time.

By making small incremental changes in a short time you could be making lasting changes that stay and become healthy habits. Who know, by this time next year you could be in a much better place.

5 ideas to make new habits

5 minute fixes that could become a habit even before December arrives.

Before you even get out of bed – lay there and connect with each part of your body. Start at the feet and work up to your head. Clear your headspace.

Get out of bed and sit on a chair and just listen to your breath for 1 minute only, built that up to 5 minutes before you carry on with your day. Even if it takes weeks to build up to 5 minutes, so what, you are giving your mind a rest.

Do 5 minutes of exercise – literally just 5 minutes. Something you like so you can do it again the next day.

Drive mindfully, not thinking about where you are going or what you still need to do, just drive with your focus on your driving and the road. It will give your mind a rest and you arrive with a clearer head because it's had a rest from all the millions of thoughts going through it.

Write up the good stuff that happened today and plan for tomorrow, then put it aside before you go to bed. You've said thanks for today and you are clear about tomorrow.

Stephen Irvine